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The Baby

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on 3.22.13 - 1pm
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Blake, A few years ago my youngest son and I were going through a rough patch when he was away at boot camp. I know he went there because he was very angry with me, I was a mothering mom, it was very hard for me to let go of my baby. Unfortunately, several months after he left, I had a heart attack and things were not looking good for me. My immediate family was called in, when I woke up I could here this song being played as my baby, Michael, told me how sorry he was and we both started crying. I was not able to talk for a few days until they removed the tube, but as soon as my voice was coming back I told my boys that I loved them. If there is one thing I learned from this is that our children is a gift from God and they are only ours for a short time. As parents we must make the most of there life being a child as our lives being a parent. Being selfish and holding on tight to my children only made me afraid of moving on in my life. Now I have 18 grand-children so far by my sons and their spouses, some that are for my sons and some are step children of my son's spouses but they are all the same in my eyes, my babies, babies. This song is humbling to a mother, it made me think about how many times I was there to pick up the pieces when their lives fell to pieces. I realized that one day I will not be here to pick up the pieces of their lives so I sat them and their spouses down. I told them to start cleaning up their own messes by learning to communicate and listen to each other. Not one screaming and the other walking away when things got bad and that if they couldn't work it out, perhaps they needed a good counselor. I said that I was not being drug into their messy relationships again. I have stayed to my word and they are better for it. Thank you for this song, it did save my relationship with not only my youngest son but my two oldest sons and all of their spouses as well. My life and holidays are more pleasurable. Thank you so much, NS.

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Such a great song. Blake you look so much sexier with your long curly hair. Sorry Miranda. I've always had a huge crush on you and I always will Blake.

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just listen to the baby an song it to even though the tears flowed thank you blake so much for making this song an singing it god bless you blake shelton