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Wantagh, NY


Wantagh, NY
Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
July 21, 2013
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Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Wantagh, NY
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mrsblakeshelton97's picture

so exicted i got to meet him! but when are the picture going to be on the website?

Je02shan's picture

when will the meet and greet photos be posted??? dying to see! :)

icemom89's picture

wish i was able to meet and great however concert was amazing

blakefan1b's picture

so sad i dont have m&g but i got floor seats so excited

pook422's picture

Did anyone hear from the BSers about the Meet n Greet???

anabel213's picture

When will email be sent to notify winners of Meet & Greet?

anabel213's picture

When and how will you notify winners of meet and greet?

episces320's picture

I didn't get a Meet and Greet, so disappointed! I really wanted to meet Blake! I do have 6th row seats so happy about that. We will see everyone in the parking lot! WOO HOO!! :)

jules609's picture

Did anyone win a meet and Greet????

Jlewis62's picture

I excited!

jules609's picture

Anyone win a meet and greet????'s picture

Looking for a meet and greet. Hope I get one!

loveulots's picture

So, did anyone get their M&G?

loveulots's picture

Did anyone get their M&G? I am heartbroken!!!!!

loveulots's picture

Did anyone get their M&G?

lisakelly's picture

Oh I wish you were coming closer to VT. Wish I could see you

anabel213's picture

Is there a limit on the amount of submissions for Meet & Greet?

Honeybee1624's picture

I love Blake! Honey Bee was my wedding song!!! We even took dance lessons for it! Pleeeeeaaaassseeeee pick me for a Meet and Greet!!! I met Miranda this April, now time to meet BLAKE!!!

nybabu's picture

When are the meet and greet requests going to be available? - thought it was today

NataliaT's picture

WHERE IS THE MEET & GREET SIGN UP! its 10 central time already and nothing is up!!

Catjoy36's picture


Cbpace's picture

Anyone know about the Meet & Greet... They said June 1st... Then I read the first business day of the month prior to the concert...'s picture

does anyone know how to request a meet and greet?


Been trying for over an hr to find where to sign up for a meet and greet for the wantagh,ny show on July 21,2013, I am going CRAZY, HELP!!!!!

JoleneRotolo's picture

I want ro sign up for meet and greet I think I'm entering this on the right day enter me please!!!! Jolene

ditzygrl1023's picture

Anyone else annoyed that after all this time now they have pre-sale and it was never mentioned til like a month ago?? I bought tickets on the jones beach site and spent way more than I would have liked to because I did not know about pre-sale

Christinemccormack's picture

Is the meet and greet working for anyone because its not up yet for me.

Sirindaa26's picture

When are meet and greets available??!!!?!

Seemesmile's picture

I am so excited, got tickets for the Jones Beach concert and celebrating my bday! Hope I get a meet and greet with Blake!

harmony.nielsen's picture

can't wait to go!!!! love me some blake!!!