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Plant City, FL


Plant City, FL
NOTE: This is a festival concert. Concert tickets are not valid for gate admission. Check the festival website for gate admission prices.
March 10, 2013
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Plant City, FL
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Deanna0622's picture

Meet and greet photos are up, you have to not be logged in to see them. I got mine and love it!

Nancy JD's picture

Fantastic night. Wish I had been one of the chosen. But, it's on to August and try again.

lynna2401's picture

Can't wait to see the photos :)

bkmccormick's picture

How and when will we know if we are one of the lucky ones chosen to meet Mr. Blake Shelton?!

Nancy JD's picture

to helloerica24... it is my understanding that all the emails were sent to those picked for the meet and greet on the 21st. It looks like you were picked at least once before (by looking at your picture), I will wait and try again in August. Good luck to both of us! :-)

helloerica24's picture

did anyone hear back about the meet and greet yet??? still waiting....

mrironcity's picture

I guess if I didn't get my email I did not get meet & greets and it continues that I am still a loser!

Nancy JD's picture

I checked my email... I checked my deletes.... I checked my junk mail... you can't see the tears... I so wanted to get that email... Well, I still have my tickets and I can still sing-a-long. I just can't smile right now.

lbunicorn's picture

No email either ):

Andrew Gunter's picture

got my reply doing the happy dance when I checked my email and saw congrats just thought my heart had skipped a beat. Thank you for picking me for the meet and greet I even printed the note out just keep reading it over and over very humble and grateful for this opportunity Thanks again

Andrew Gunter's picture

just got it

Andrew Gunter's picture

Has anyone gotten a reply from the meet and greet yet? I figure they may be a lil busy trying to get all request and all since there was such a glitch with sign up. I am waiting patiently just wanted to check and see if anyone has heard anything

Nancy JD's picture

It's February 21st... have the Meet and Greet choices been made? Has anyone heard that they have or have not been picked?

lynna2401's picture

I got an email yesterday saying I have been picked! I am over the MOON excited! As my birthday is two days after his concert! Best birthday present ever!!!!!

Sherri8246's picture

nothing yet here...

FirefighterHeather's picture

Well, we are a group of 4 firefighters, coming from Arkansas to see you! I have nothing "tricky" to post, but we would LOVE to do a meet & greet with you!!!! Thanks!!! :)

Jayme_Olivia's picture

I signed up for the Meet & Greet yesterday now all I have to do is wait! I really hope I meet Blake Shelton I'm his biggest fan EVER!!!!! <3

kellyintampa's picture

Tried to log in and out so many times - but always got just this comment box. It would mean a lot to get a meet and greet with Blake. <3

bkmccormick's picture

I hope this is where we sign up for the meet and greet. I can't wait to see Blake Shelton! I am coming from Columbus, Ohio because I can't wait til Sept. 20. I am still going in September too!!

madonna33j's picture

I would love to do a Meet & Greet with you Mr. Blake Shelton! Love your music.........and your style. :)
Hope to see you in Tampa!

lbunicorn's picture

My mother and I are going to see Blake in Plant City. She was able to sign up once by logging out and signing up but when I tried, it said I already submitted that page. So I don't know if I'm signed up or not. I haven't even been able to double check because the sign up page doesn't come up and hasn't for a few days now.

mbanker's picture

My sister is coming to visit from NY and we would love meet and greet tickets.

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Mbtnnp's picture

Been trying to sign up for the meet and greet still not working. Any idea when it will open?

missyclare1's picture

We would LOVE meet Blake!!! "Honeybee" is a VERY SPECIAL and FAV song of his for us!!! So glad he is coming to FL! Hope we get to meet this special guy! My love is celebrating a special birthday! ;-)

Janeen68's picture

I have been trying for 12 days! Why is the sign up still not working!

buckeye60's picture

Looking forward to a great concert by Blake. Hoping to get a opportunity to meet this fabulous guy!!! The Strawberry Festival puts on the best concert venues. I've been going since they started.............I don't want to say how many years that's been:) See ya in March.

Laceflesher's picture

Hope to meet Miranda too!! :) Blake & Miranda are the PERFECT Hollywood couple!

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weezybear68's picture

I have tickets for the Strawberry Festival in Plant City Florida. This is my first concert to see you Blake! I am so excited and looking forward to being picked for a meet and greet. It would be one of the biggest highlights of my life. It is definitely one of the items on my bucket list...lmao.