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Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI
BMO Harris Bradley Center
September 13, 2013
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BMO Harris Bradley Center
Milwaukee, WI
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Comments's picture

do we wait til the day of the concert to pick up the tickets??? Does any one know how early we can get them that day???

Andreana2662's picture

Hi did anyone sign up for the meet and greet and get information on it yet? I was just curious :).

Carissa0529's picture

So excited for this concert! It will be my 7th concert this year, and my first time seeing Blake! I can't wait. Kind of bummed that I never got an email for being selected for meet & Greet but it will still be a good concert!

monikay2008's picture

Has anybody heard about meet and greets? It's just over 2 weeks away from the show. I have looked under other tour dates and no one has posted that they ever receieved a m&g.

Gilmeister4244's picture

how do you know if you were picked for a meet and greet

monikay2008's picture

Did anyone get chosen for the m&g? The rules said if you didn't hear anything by the end of the business day on the 21st that you didn't win. However looking over other tour dates no one has seen to receive any news. This is 4 days before me birthday and this would be the greatest birthday present EVER!

NaeNae's picture

So excited to be able to see this concert! Especially since this is he day before my husband and my wedding anniversary! Signed up for a meet and greet hope to get picked and possibly be able to bring my husband with for assistance with my dissability. I am VERY EXCITED!!!! I watch everthing on TV and read everything I see blake on the cover of I love him.

smilneyzzz1's picture

woo hoo got tickets for my Bday will be 3 rd row. Have wanted to see Blake for years>PARTY TIME<

NaeNae's picture

CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS CONCERT! This is the night before my wedding anniversary. The days cannot go quick enough! I hope I can get a meet and greet. That would really make my anniversary. See you in Milwaukee on the 13th of Sept.

shaver1028's picture

Question.. I ordered pre-sale tickets. Do I pick them up at the box office or print them off online. I completely forgot which one I am supposed to do, its been so long since I ordered

shaver1028's picture

Help! I ordered pre-sale tickets and completely forgot.. Do I have to pick them up at the box office, print them off or are they mailed?

Cschille's picture

so completely and super excited to go to this concert! My first Blake concert! My bucket list consists of one blake shelton!!! ahhhh!! So very excited to see miranda in august at state fair too! xo

lisaski's picture

Anybody know the citicard code to order tickets?

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Lauriepowalish's picture

Attending this concert will be a dream come true! Love you forever Blake and Miranda!

millelau's picture

Any idea when tickets go on sale?

debsusan53's picture

looking forward to this show in Milwaukee can't wait for them to go onsale

wi badger's picture

two days after my birthday WooHoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aweb8701's picture

So there!!!!

CowgirlAmber's picture

When I found out you were going to be in Milwaukee this Sept. I almost fainted!! AHHHH!! Im too Excited. I am so going! I can't wait! Can This day come any sooner?!?! Im too Happy!

CowgirlAmber's picture

When I found out you were going to be in Milwaukee this Sept. I almost fainted!! AHHHH!! Im too Excited. I am so going! I can't wait! Can This day come any sooner?!?! Im too Happy!

Donsangel123's picture

So excited....get to see Miranda in August & Blake in September! :)

JProulx's picture

When will tickets be on sale?

JProulx's picture

This is on my Birthday!! Dirty 30!! Definitely getting tickets!! Meeting Blake would be a great birthday present though!!

monikay2008's picture

My birthday is the 17th and I also get to turn 30. That's pretty sweet :) Happy Birthday to us!!!

MKadow's picture

So excited to buy tickets! We are taking a limo to the concert so we can drink beer!!

braunygirl10's picture

I would love to go to this concert and meet Blake :)

a22blondie's picture

When will tickets go on sale?!!!!????

JShannon's picture

NEED TICKETS ASAP!!! I can't wait!!!

acm20111's picture

one word....EXCITED!