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Lexington, KY


Lexington, KY
Rupp Arena
September 21, 2013
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Rupp Arena
Lexington, KY
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julieseszko's picture

meet and greet been posted yet? the winners?

gwendlynwalters's picture

Anyone heard about meet and greets yet???

awesomeamanda's picture

I would die for meet and greet tickets!!! got ticket for my birthday but would love better ones or to meet Blake Shelton!!

gwendlynwalters's picture

If you got your tickets thru the FC, pick them up at will call, I`v got front roll seats but haven`t heard about the meet and greet yet... Hopefully tomorrow...

Melissa Hardesty's picture

signed up for meet & greet,1st time seeing Blake,so excited for me and my daughter how do you know if you got meet & greet passes

sfarris77's picture

Would love to get a meet and greet!!! Please let me know if we can make that happen!

adpijules's picture

Just found out that we can actually go to this concert now!!! So excited thought we would be traveling for baseball. Can we still apply for meet and greet?

linslovesbs's picture

I thought meet and greet sign ups were till the 14th day of each month????

linslovesbs's picture

Can't Wait!!!!!! Me and 3 of my friends are going!!!! Look for us in the crowd Blake we will be wearing awesome shirts we made for you!!!!

dcambron's picture

This is the first time I purchased tickets through the BS'ers. Can anyone tell me if the tickets are sent in advance or if you pick them up at Rupp?

rabalais81's picture

I was told when I bought my tix that they would be at Will Call 1 hour before the show. I call Rupp today and confirmed this. He said they were not there yet but the vendors bring them a few hours before the show when you buy tix on the fan sites. Makes me nervous!!! Anyone bought from here before and picked them up at Will Call?????

rabalais81's picture

This was also the first time that I have bought tickets through here. When i purchased them they said that the tickets would be at will call and hour before the show. I called Rupp today to see if they had the tickets and the guy said he didn't have any there for me, but since I bought them through a fan site that the vendors will bring them before the show. It makes me really nervous, because I don't know for sure if they are there. Has anyone bought tickets through here and picked them up at Will Call an hour before the show?????

dheishman's picture

how do you get the tickets after you purchase them... i can't find any info on this ... HELP pleaase

srbrown1's picture

Signed up for meet and greet but didn't hear anything...oh well will still be a great show! Love seeing Blake!

HayleyGeorge3's picture

So REady to see my blake I LOVE you Blake Tollison Shelton

Mandimae227's picture

Did anyone get an email about the meet n greet for this show?

Malisaallen0011's picture

Signed up for the meet and greet!! Crossing fingers I get picked! I love you Blake!!!!!

KyAngel's picture

I thought meet and greet was suppose to open at 10 CT/11 eastern time.

1OutlawBandit's picture

My wife would flip if we got meet & greet tickets! 5th row for the concert & that = 1 Hell Of A Good Time!!!!!!!

Silly goose's picture

I am getting so excited for this concert!! I got 8 rows back from stage and I about died. I LOVE Blake Shelton. No only if I could get meet and greet that would be the best thing ever.

ekwigg01's picture

Hoping to score some meet & greets for my boyfriends birthday!! He absolutely loves Blakes music & watching him on The Voice!! :)

Countrygirl203's picture

I cant wait till sept 21 ..I love You Blake Shelton! I got front row now praying I get meet and greet passes !my year would be made if get to meet him!

susdnn's picture

Can't wait!!!! Want a Meet and Greet!!!

linslovesbs's picture

So Exciting!!!!!!

linslovesbs's picture

Can't wait Me and three of my friends got tickets! Hoping to score some meet & greets! Love ya BS!

gwendlynwalters's picture

So there`s not going to be a pit at the Rupp show? I got Sec 1 Roll A.

dcambron's picture

Do you know if they mail the tickets to you or if you pick them up at will call?

tiffyrene06's picture

just got my Blake Shelton ticket! Now the long wait til September 21st!

RhondaMartin's picture

Got my tickets yesterday

lpeck's picture

Me,my husband and our two boys love you,wish we could afford to go see you in Lexington,KY. It would just blow the boys minds.