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Kansas City, MO


Kansas City, MO
Sprint Center
October 03, 2013
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Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO
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sararhamy's picture

Would love meet and greet passes! Can't wait for the show!

epickens89's picture

I would love to get Meet and Greet passes for my fiancé and I!! His birthday is in a couple weeks and this would be an amazing birthday and engagement gift!!! Can't wait to hear God Gave Me You since that will be our first dance song!!!

buckmark51's picture

Here's to hoping for some Meet & Greet passes!!

LovetomeetyouBlake's picture

Would love to be surprised and get to meet you Blake!

Suzapalooza's picture

Can't wait for the show! Taking my 13 year old daughter - she is so excited :)

cjeffg24's picture

Has anyone received an email for the Meet and greet?

singlebaby29's picture

hoping to win a meet n greet it is a dream come true :)

mistymorgenstern's picture

So excited to see Blake on October 3rd in Kansas City and then turn around and go see him again on October 5th in Wichita, Back stage passes to one of them would be great:)

ldmcintyre's picture

Can't wait to see Blake and hopefully win the meet and greet tickets!! That would make my day to tell my daughter she gets to meet Blake backstage!!

cgargus's picture

I just signed up for a meet and greet for the KC MO show again. Today is my birthday. Being picked for a meet and greet would just make my day!! (My year!!)

bpinkkc's picture

got my tickets in way will I miss seeing my Blake Saw him inducted into Grand Ol Opry....then at KC last time for Microsoft opening...wearing out every CD....cannot wait for Oct!!! Want to win MeetnGreet!!!

bsfan09's picture

when do we sign up for the meet and greets?

Crazy for shelton 13's picture

Hoping I get a meet and greet. It has been a very long time since a ;last seen Blake!!!! He will deifntly put on a great show:) Cant wait!!!!

Northtownerla's picture

Hope to win a meet & greet! It would be so awsome

brandonhowland's picture

How do you sign up for the meet and greet? I bought my girlfriend tickets for her b-day, which is the concert date Oct. 3rd, and would love to surprise her!

devo's picture

will the stage have a catwalk at sprint center

Brianna122luv's picture

I wish I could get a meet and greet. Never have

ironman3's picture

I really would like a meet & greet with Blake at the KC show. I'm turning 40 yrs old two weeks before the show, and this is one of my B-Day gifts. Just the chance to see Blake in concert is one of the most amazing things to happen to me. He is a true entertainer. Never miss a chance to watch him on TV. Go Team Blake.

tlschlosser's picture

I cant wait for the show in Tulsa, Hope I am one of the lucky "meet and greet" guest!

silver_box23's picture

I would feel so honored to win a meet and greet with Blake Shelton, you are an amazing person and an amazing artist!

trickyfoxski's picture

Ohhh I'm never a lucky girl but I really hope I'm lucky 9-1!!! Meet and Greets need to be mine!!

bpinkkc's picture

Got my tix in presale! Ready for my most FAVORITE guy! Hope to win Meet n Greet!

Annie1023's picture

I thought KC was presale today?

Amy Marie Scribner's picture

When do tickets go on sale for the KC show?