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Highland Heights, KY


Highland Heights, KY
On sale to public 10/21
February 16, 2012
Sold status: 
Meet/Greet Photos:
Highland Heights, KY
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Meet/Greet Link: 


Debbie4186's picture

I have not been able to find the meet and greet pics. Where should I be looking?

kkfromky's picture

will keep lookin for my meet & greet picture!

katurner0810's picture

Yes...where are the meet and greet pictures??

pamBagett's picture

Why did our meet & greet pictures disappear? Will they be back?

gwendlynwalters's picture

These are not the right meet and greet pictures!!!!!

Team BS_2's picture

fixed!! Sorry for that.

kathryndryden's picture

Can't wait until the 16th!!

Chazjarman82's picture

What time today and how are you notified about the meet and greet if you're picked?'s picture

Would love to meet you!!!! Please, please, please!!!!

SAKALASKAS's picture


bo2403's picture

Cant wait to meet Blake.

oldlady's picture

When will the "meet and greet" open? Never did this before. How do I apply.

heather.tcb's picture

Is it Feb 16th yet?????? What a great way to spend my belated birthday than at a Blake concert with my mom :) <3

windy.newton's picture

I just joined the fan club to order presale tix when do i get the password to order

Monicas9's picture

I can't wait for these to go on sale...I'm going to see DIA FRAMPTON!!!! Oh, and that guy...Blake something...

amh2241's picture

Just bought my tickets!!! Can't wait to see Blake!!! If only I was front row with backstage passes, that would be AMAZING!!!! Love you Blake!!!!

skerble80's picture

what's the presale code?

ddrinnon's picture

I got an e-mail with the code after I had the membership for about a day. HTH!

sarafite's picture

I should've bought the ticket/fan club package to get it all at once :(

susdnn's picture

Congrats on your 10th #1, but you have always been the man as far as I am concerned. Just want to say "Thanks" for Bayfest!!! I couldn't have picked a better line-up if they had asked me!!! Shout out to Kevin for taking so many pics at the meet and greet.....hope one turns out...granted he ain't got a lot to work with. Maybe next time he'll take my gift to you....hoping for Highland, KY!!!!

aleeshacovert's picture

Cannot Waitt ((:

stacey1264's picture

When is the pre-sale for the who in Highland Heights, KY? Thanks!

bigrustyandkim's picture

When is presale?

racemel99's picture

I am so there!!!

amh2241's picture

So freakin excited that Blake is finally coming to The Bank of Kentucky Center! I've been bummed ever since he cancelled back in the spring. Bring on BLAKE!!!!!!

stacey1264's picture

When is the presale?