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Hartford, CT


Hartford, CT
Comcast Theatre
September 06, 2013
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Comcast Theatre
Hartford, CT
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jjmhill's picture

Looking forward to show in Hartford and hope I can get in for the meet and greet.

qnjazzmatazz's picture

I am going to see Blake in Hartford CT. I signed up for a Meet and Greet. I followed the instructions to see if I was chosen but it says Meet and Greet is closed. How do you find out whether or not you have been chosen if it says closed?

jeanriordan's picture

My daughter loves Blake! Her 16th birthday is on this concert date, September 6th at the Comcast Theatre. It would mean the world to her if Blake wished my daughter, Liz a happy birthday :-)Thank you!

MeaganClark's picture

I got to see your wife Miranda two weeks ago in CT and she did amazing. I am so excited to see you again.. I have second row seats, wouldnt mind some meet and greets for my best friend and I. We are a roudy crowd in CT but we are ready for you!! :)

lab2375's picture

Aww heck! I'm all signed up for the meet and greet for Hartford...FINGERS CROSSED! :D

qnjazzmatazz's picture

Me too! I followed the instructions to find out but it says Meet and Greet is closed so I can only hope I'm among the chosen.

krysti12's picture

have you heard anything??

kachuba7's picture

why is the meet and greet not open?

malloryv92's picture

Driving to Connecticut just to see the concert. Hoping for a Meet & Greet!

Lisa Higgins's picture

OMG Sooo excited that Blake has included us in his tour. I have really been hoping to get a Meet & Greet with Blake. I love his voice, all his music, and think he is such a funny man, please pick me,are there any backstage passes???

jojonycowgrl's picture

First Blake concert! Seen wifey few times a year for the last 5 years so its time!!!

Lisa Higgins's picture

I would really love to get a M&G with Blake on 9/06/13 this would really be amazing. I really love his voice, and all of his music, and he really is an amazing entertainer. I would be honored to meet Blake, please make this happen for me.

jonandkristie's picture

Would love to do a meet and greet for my wife. She loves the song God Gave Me You. it is our song and we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in October. Cant wait for the concert in September in Hartford

kyrasarsfield's picture

this will be my 3rd blake concert!! so pumped got front row!! I REALLYYY hope I can meet him here!

jaclynmary's picture

Me and my boyfriend love your music and are going to this concert for our one year together! He hated country until he heard your music!

Dolphin's picture

Can't wait.

pansygirl's picture

Can't wait to see you this September!!! Would love to get a Meet & Greet for sure ;)

kprindle's picture

I can't wait for this concert!! :)

kjsg's picture

So glad you are coming back to Connecticut!!!!

LaceyLove1010's picture

Cannot wait to see you again in concert. So excited. Hope to get a meet n greet.

moreidrink82's picture

Can't wait for this show... just wish it wasnt 8 months away!

lisamarvel71's picture

OMG!!! I am so excited for this show.....hope I get a meet and greet (hint, hint) LOL

ksch39's picture

Can't wait until they go on sale;)

KatBroc's picture

OMG -- SEPTEMBER needs to get here quick --- Can't wait!!! Going to be great!!!!! Hopefully can get the Meet and Greet passes too!! WOO HOO!!!!

sstephe488's picture

I can't wait!!!!!!