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Florence, AZ


Florence, AZ
April 14, 2012
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Florence, AZ
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whirlwind1913's picture

Went to the show and had a meet and greet with Blake it was great but its over 2 weeks and still no pictures!! whats up?

bboylan33's picture

anyone hear yet??

sana0781's picture

When do we find out who made the meet and greet??

Lisa6463's picture

Anyone hear anything one way or another?

yvonneg3az's picture

I am such a huge Blake Shelton Fan that when my Autistic daughter has a stressful moment or feels that the world is closing in on her, Blake Shelton's music is one of the few things that can pull her out!

yvonneg3az's picture

Hi! My Birthday is April 14! I would love a meet and greet with Blake Shelton. I became a fan club member and I am going to Country Thunder in AZ!

wooters77's picture

I signed up for the M&G and received an email saying "thank you for signing up for the newsletter"??? I don't see anywhere in my account that I have a pending M&G and did not receive any kind of confirmation email. I am hoping my name is in the drawing??

nursesinkey's picture

I am trying to sign up for a m&g with Blake for april 14 in florence Az Country Thunder. I do not see an area to sign up....however, my pic comes up where it says "are you going?",. does this mean I have my name in the lottery? Please respond. Thank you!