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Erie, PA


Erie, PA
On sale to public: 10/28/2011 at 10am venue local time.
February 09, 2012
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Meet/Greet Photos:
Erie, PA
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alyssa1042's picture

Still unable to find pictures. Where did anyone find them?? Help please

alyssa1042's picture

Anyone know where the meet and greet photos are? I think they are to be here and its been well over two weeks? Anyone see them on the website?

dznyfour's picture

were you ever to find the photo's?? please tell me how you found them... i'm having trouble with mine.. thanks..

lorithierfeldt's picture

I guess it would have helped if I had a correct email in my profile!! ;( Just realized it was missing a letter - Damn IPAD!

jenann78's picture

So excited to be seeing Blake perform in a few weeks. And now getting picked for Meet & Greet is unbelievable!! So happy! :)

babybounce54's picture

Has anyone heard anything? I know we are supposed to get an email about a week after the closing date so I was curious if anyone got one yet? Thanks :)

switzer7d7's picture

I just got an email.... Didn't get it but on waiting list if anyone cancels :-(

Selleena826's picture

Did they send the emails out? Did anyone win a M&G??

switzer7d7's picture

I haven't received anything yet......

shanecross017's picture

How do you sign up for the meet and greets, he is coming to my city.

dmz3kids's picture

how do i sign up for the meet and greet....

babybounce54's picture

Right, if the first of the month falls on a holiday, it will open up the next business day. It may not open up until 1/3 because most businesses considered 1/2 a holiday also.

cosmogrl1's picture

how do u do a meet and greet? where do u sign up at

switzer7d7's picture

I'm trying to figure the same thing out......Still says coming 1/1 ????

Selleena826's picture

I'm wondering the same thing! I keep checking!!!

edbrinkcpa's picture

so how does this meet and greet work .. will there be a good chance to get them if you want to pay the $ for them?