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Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Blossom Music Center
August 01, 2013
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Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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AmyB's picture

COUNTDOWN!! only 2 more days...then the party's on! Cuyahoga Falls!!

kgeorgeone's picture

did anyone hear about M&G's? I was wondering if anyone was chosen?

tayhocevar's picture

Anyone hear anything about the meet and greet? We're the winners notified yet?

JohnnyBoy's picture

Hi this is Johnny! I won front row tickets from Starstruck for the VA Show. I have Down Syndrome and had surgery and could not to the show! So can I please get tickets for the 8/1 Show at Blossom!!! THank You !

AmyB's picture

Our First Blake concert for my husband and I, we can't wait!! Sure hope we get picked for a meet n greet! That would be absolutely awesome!!

jorog4ever's picture

Omg God just a few more weeks til Blake's concert Aug 1st in Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio!!! So excited!! Celebrating 30yrs of marriage an partying with Blake what could top that, oh wait a 'meet n greet' with him :)

jorog4ever's picture

Omg God just a few more weeks til Blake's concert Aug 1st in Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio!!! So excited!! Celebrating 30yrs of marriage an partying with Blake what could top that, oh wait a 'meet n greet' with him :)

bingomama43's picture

I would absolutely love to have a meet and greet with Blake for the Cuyahoga Falls, OH concert on Aug 1st

AlexHagood's picture

So excited for this concert! I've been trying to see Blake for 3 years with my boyfriend and we finally got the tickets. Blake's music has not only told our love story but also kept us together, it would be amazing if we got the opportunity to meet him!

jorog4ever's picture

Gonna be married 30 yrs at the end of August! What an AWESOME gift it would be for the hubby and I to have a meet n Greet with blake while we are at this concert!!!!!!!

cforrest5186's picture

On the live nation site it doesn't even mention a fan club presale.

hopesmom's picture

I know, just radio and CC presale. Does anyone know if the other venues have had fan club presales?

dawnh's picture

yes first niagra did have a fan club presale that i missed so was hoping not to miss this one, but can't seem to find any info.

dawnh's picture

no news yet about presale? tickets go on sale wednesday for citibank customers...

ArtG's picture

Has anyone found out about the pre sale yet. Live nation goes on sale the 19th

sarahalush's picture

Would really love to know when this tickets go on presale! It would make my life a whole lot easier than having to check the website daily

mreid24's picture

Looking for info on the presale dates...we are going to drive down from Ontario and want to get some good seats..

dawnh's picture

How will we know when presale tickets go on sale.don't want to miss blossom show. Missed presale for first Niagara.

Iloveblake08's picture

Does anyone know how to figure out when the pre sale tickets go on sale????I want really good seats!It's my first Blake Shelton concert and i am beyond excited!!!

DorsetMama's picture

I have always loved Blake Shelton, but just realized I could join and maybe get to meet him! Does anyone know how Meet & Greets work?

htwhls88's picture

i would love to meet blake myself this summer it is mine and my girlfriend laurens 2 yr anniversary and i would really love to do something special for her and this would be a perfect gift for our Anniversary i would really love to make this happen for her and myself she is a great fan of his and so am i but to put that smile on her face when she gets to meet him is all i really want to see

lauralea's picture

I am so so excited about seeing Blake. A down to earth person with my kinda attitude!!! Would Love Love Love to actually get to meet him and get a picture with him. Would make my year a complete one! I am not sure how to go about it so I hope to find out before august!! Love ya Blake!!!!

t_prebs22's picture

So excited for this concert! I've seen him twice, and both times were amazing! Totally excited for Easton Corbin too!

Bsteelers468's picture

Blake seems so down to earth. I have had the opportunity to meet other artist (Scotty McCreery, Eli Young, Kellie Picker, Chris Young) all of them seem to be happy to meet their fans. I hope that my daughter and I get that opportunity with Blake!!! :)

BiggestBSFanOutThere's picture

I would love to meet blake, I live in London Ontario and I seriously would do anything. I have to drive 4 hours to his concert though. I really wanna meet Blake!

appleprincess4evr's picture

Missed my opportunity to get a meet and greet when Blake was at the Canfield fair last summer I will not let it happen again this year!!! lol

tmckinley32's picture

Hi, I'm new to the BS'ers... how do you get included in the meet 'n greet?