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Columbus, OH


Columbus, OH
Nationwide Arena
September 20, 2013
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Nationwide Arena
Columbus, OH
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Brent Brown's picture

I'd love to be part of the meet & greet but, I'm too late to be eligible. My wife and I will be celebrating 28 years of marriage at your Columbus show!! "God game me you" has a special meaning having known my wife since she was 9.

miatheresa's picture

what time do you think Blake will go on stage....driving down from Michigan after kids get home from school.

volfirechic's picture

WHO is getting excited!?!

Martin2193's picture

Assuming I can't sign up for meet and greets anymore? Someone please let me know!!

bsw6981's picture

I can't wait for this show! It will be my fourth Blake show and my fiancee's first. It will be our first Blake show together! And in our hometown! This is gonna be a blast!!!

nay042907's picture

Did anyone get the meet & greet???

volfirechic's picture

Anyone get their meet n greet invitation?

nay042907's picture

I am curious as well?!?!

countrycourtney's picture

Anyone know what to put in the "TEXT FIELD" and "DROP DOWN LIST" areas of the MEET & GREET forms??

casskicker's picture

2nd row!! Now all i need is a meet & greet!!!!!! *fingers crossed*

Hayleeshelton's picture

How do you do the meet n greet. I've been on here for several hours... help

lisasiddell's picture

Why can't I sign up for a meet & greet??????? Says today is the day. I will not be happy if I can't sign up for this!!!! 9-20-13 show in cols ohio.

lcastricone's picture

I am so excited to see Blake again, in Columbus! Can't wait, to party that night, with my daughter and Blake!

Dustin2008's picture

Seriously cannot wait for this hometown show! It's my first Blake Concert plus its in my hometown and on my 24th Birthday!! PRAYING I GET A MEET N GREET!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

volfirechic's picture

OMG!!! Can't believe I'm driving 500 miles to see Blake Shelton in Columbus!! Definately gonna be a girls weekend with my 2 daughters!! CAN'T WAIT!!! OMG and it's my BIRTHDAY that weekend too!! :-D

Hayleeshelton's picture

Got 5th row woot woot

iu4ever8's picture tixs for Columbus, Ohio show, row 2 by the stage, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, Spit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ksbreehl's picture

Public ticket sales begin Friday May 17th Not sure about BS'ers presale.

lisasiddell's picture

Best Mothers Day EVER, gotmoney for tickets from my husband of 22 yrs for tickets to this show!!!!!!!

bigbagofchit's picture

cant wait for tickets to go on sale for this show. it will be my first bs concert (my first concert ever). thats sad to say seeing as how im 24 and never been to a concert so im really looking forward to tickets going on sale and i want to be as close as possible!!!

tjbuckeyes's picture

Can't wait to see my first ever B.S. concert!! I think tix go on sale in Aug??

volfirechic's picture

They are on sale now!! Meet and Greet opens August 1...

missb1006's picture

They are on sale now

Cruise mamma's picture

Very excited to see Blake. Saw Miranda in February and Blake came in and sang a song! Was great!!

sunshineswan12's picture

cant wait!!! this is going to be my boyfriends birthday present. his birthday is the monday after this!!! Great birthday weekend getaway!!!! :)

lisa farley's picture

im so ready to see blake ! woot woot

nay042907's picture

Im so excited for tickets to go onsale. A great way to spend my birthday!

mama-curtis54's picture

Waiting for tickets to go on sale for Columbus. I think it is a great way to spend our 39th wedding anniversary!

ollie's picture

when do tickets go on sale for Columbus ohio ?

casskicker's picture

I am already beyond excited for this concert! When do tickets go on sale?