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Charlottesville, VA


Charlottesville, VA
John Paul Jones Arena
September 26, 2013
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John Paul Jones Arena
Charlottesville, VA
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BAGBY.M's picture

Will there be meet and greet passes for this show? I am bringing my two sons...Carter and Nicky and this is their first big concert!! They would be so excited to meet him!! We love Blake!! :)

Trishesjoyus's picture

I want to register for the meet and greet if selected as a winner for the Charlottesville VA concert. Is this where we register for the meet and greet?

karatelm42's picture

Hi I have not gotten an email for the meet and greet yet. I thought it was today. I was hoping to get one as well. This is my first Blake Shelton show as well. I am a huge fan and it would be great to meet him and get a photo. I have lived through two major illnesses and the last few years have been hard. It would make me very happy.

MistyGarrisonMorton's picture

Did anyone get notified of meet and greets for cville?

christmasevebaby's picture

No not as of yet

jenobaugh's picture

I would love a meet and greet or just an autographed picture for my six year old son, Colt. My husband surprised me with tickets, but my son is the true fan. Any chance?

michelle21's picture

Any info on meet and greet? Would Blake ever be coming to either Hagerstown, MD or Frederick, MD? I hope.

BrendaB68's picture

has anyone gotten an email for the meet and greet yet. I was Soooo hoping to get one. This is my first Blake show and I have become a huge fan and really hope I get a meet and greet.

karatelm42's picture

I have not gotten an email about the meet and greet and I was hoping to get one too.

Terry88's picture

Ummm, it's 11:15 am EST ... why's the Meet & Greet not available yet? come on!!!!!!

aliciahaase02's picture

How do you sign up for the meet and greet?

KittyKatCo's picture

Each day is a day closer!

MaxCollier's picture

Can't wait to see a dream come true for KittyKatCo!

KittyKatCo's picture

Only EIGHT more weeks!!!!! I remember thinking only 21 more weeks. Can't wait!!!!!!!

gattis24's picture

fan club presale was months ago...they are will call tickets...

Jacque77's picture

I am so excited! I can't hardly wait til the 26th!! I have my ticket in my safe, while I'm sitting here patiently waiting!!!

BrendaB68's picture

are there gonna be presale tickets for fanclub members???

mechele hill's picture

I'm trying to find out the same thing, wish they would let us know

hredd48's picture

I just purchased 4 on this site. Will call tickets only

BrendaB68's picture

are there gonna be presale tickets for fanclub members???
I am assuming the 8-1-2013 might be the date for these. Is this correct???

Ann5377's picture

8-1-2013 is when you can sign up for meet and greet, I cannot find out anything about the presale tickets either. Citic Card members are having them on presale on April 17,2013, I can't find out anything about presale for fanclub members, I would like to know if they are going to be a presale to, they are going on sale to the general public on April 19,2013

KittyKatCo's picture


Gawdessgrl's picture

I begged the BS fan site to have Blake come to Cville. 2 weeks later, the show was added! Coincidence? I think not!! ;) happy dance...happy dance!!!

BrendaB68's picture

Good going ... I can't wait to see him. Have you gotten your tickets yet or are there going to be fanclub tickets on sale ??? do we know yet?? there is a date 8-1-13 date out from the show. I hope that is what that means

rlbean1987's picture

OMG I am happy! I have seen Miranda here and now him! JPJ is having alot of good shows this year!

KittyKatCo's picture

Holy Hell, have I died and gone to heaven?!?!?! I have written to JPJ Arena no less than ten times asking them to bring Blake here! Yes, Yes, Yes.....thank you Lord! Can't wait. Gonna stage dive for sure. Got my home town crew around to throw me up there! ...kidding.....sortta.