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Charleston, WV


Charleston, WV
Charleston Civic Center
September 19, 2013
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Charleston Civic Center
Charleston, WV
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jennifer14's picture

I have just recently joined the fan club. I am a huge fan of Blake Shelton. I would love to meet him at the concert in Charleston, Wv. tommorrow night.

gpbj2003's picture

My daughter loves the voice. She is seven. She wanted to attend her first concert this year and said she either wanted to see Blake or Adam. Her dad and I thought that Adam may not be age appropriate. We are headed to see Blake in Charleston this week. I can not wait to see her sing along with her favorite song, the boys around here.

April75's picture

My daughter is in love with Blake, this will be her 3rd concert and she is super excited. Also surprised a good friend and got her tickets to go with us. We are all big fans and got floor tickets, can't wait to see him again. We love u Blake.

Logsdonsm's picture

Cannot wait to see Blake and his band with my high school friend perform! So excited to head back to my hometown to see this concert!! I have been waiting a long, long, time!!

Montgomery's picture

Got my husband and I these tickets cuz he luvs him some shelton music

Corey_Rupe15's picture

When you sign up for meet and greets? It says 8-1-2013 but there is nothing there, other than the date..

Briansangel9604's picture

I couldn't get floor seats...wouldn't show up when ordering and I got mine early. :(

jeeper69's picture

Whoohoo!!! Got me and my daughter floor seats!!! Cant wait!!!!:)

marykay's picture

WOW...I got our tickets!!! Surprise birthday present for Mom (77) and Granddaughter (9) for their birthday on 9/19 (they are both in love with Blake) Now I gotta work on a meet and great for both of them!

marykay's picture

Got our tickets...taking my Mom (77) and granddaughter (9) for their birthday on 9/19, they are both in love with Blake ( me too)...they dont know I got tickets. A meet and great for them would be awesome...I gotta work on that one! :-)

hallkimmie2003's picture

Is there backstage passes available for the Charleston Civic Center Show?

LindaWatson78's picture

I just joined and can't find the presale link for the Charleston WV concert. Can anyone help me?

StephanieKy39's picture

tickets are $54 & $25

StephanieKy39's picture

Actually tickets don't go on sale til Friday

Billow Salmons's picture

tickets were supposed to be on sale for BS'ers this morning at 10 and it's not showng it on here..i am beginning to panic..HELP!

StephanieKy39's picture

Go on sale fri june 21 at 10am n tickets are $54 & $25

HLCline's picture

i see the presale is today but i can't find the link! im a BS'er!

dfsmith7723's picture

This will be my first time seeing Blake . I have been ill and unable to to see him. I just love Blake . I just got over cancer and can't wait to see him in person. He has a sexy voice and I love his wife too..

newman1982's picture

tickets on sale 10am tomorrow. anyone would happen o know how much fan discount is?

brittnmark05's picture

the radio stations are giving away tickets, when can get them??

Beth4's picture

Does anyone know when the pre-sale tickets go on sale for Charleston, WV?

Bigg Rigg 304's picture

tickets on sale next week!!! woo hoo

basketball_farmgirl's picture

Pre-sale tickets on sale yet?

sha298505's picture

how do you do a meet and greet? do you have to wait till tickets are on sale??

skuntz23's picture

When do presale tickets go on sale for Charleston, WV show?

amywells0104's picture

wish we had some kindve idea when tickets go on sale, i hate when they wait til the week before to tell ya

dacandicane's picture

i will definitely be there, can't wait. Hoping to get M & G as well but if not, just seeing him will be worth it :)

dixiechick2304's picture

YAY!! Cant wait to see him!!

brittanyloudermilk's picture

when do tickets go on sale?

apullou's picture

This friday June 21st at 10 am