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Camden, NJ


Camden, NJ
Susquehanna Bank Center
August 10, 2013
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Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, NJ
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Kathyduca's picture

My husband surprised me with tix to this show...I would love to one up on him for his 50th birthday and have Blake wish him a Happy 50th or even get the chance to meet him! My husband is a musician as well (drummer) locally. He comes from a family of drummers, his Dad & Brother are drummers too! Needless to say he loves your band. His dad is 85 and still plays!!! I know there are tons and tons of people who request this kind of stuff but I thought it was worth a shot <3. I could maybe be the best wife ever!!!

KarissaTrakas's picture

Help where do I sign up for the meet n greet

jerzeygrl49's picture

Woooo hooooo Can't wait to Meet Blake !!!!!

Lisa Higgins's picture

I know I missed the sign up, but can you put me on a stand-by. Would love the opportunity to meet Blake.

Niccig101's picture

how does the Pit work for his shows? free for all? or assigned seats?

Rasbuten66's picture

I never got an email to sign up for the meet and greet, would have liked to meet him since I was on the cruise in Oct

Bamba3003's picture

anybody heard about meet&greet in Camden yet?

apark3's picture

Did anyone receive the e-mail for Camden?

jovi86's picture


jovi86's picture

has anyone received an email? I am inquiring for a friend....

apark3's picture

Did anyone hear yet?

journeycat912's picture

has anyone received word on meet and greets yet?

kstokess's picture

I can't wait for this concert! It would mean the world to me to meet Blake. There was only one pit ticket left for grabs by the time I got here so I guess I'll be by myself, Totally worth it!

kmristine's picture

I hope to meet Blake in Camden! It's my birthday and I would love to meet him for the best present ever!!!!

jovi86's picture

me too!! But still in all, being at the show is a great birthday present in itself :)

Krazy4MJJ's picture

Has anyone gotten notice of backstage passes yet? I was really hoping to score one. I haven't seen Blake live since 2001. Since I was furloughed last week, I was hoping for a nice pick me up but my hopes are dwindling as it's almost July 20th :-(

Krazy4MJJ's picture

Ah, I see they send the emails on the 21st. I must have mis-read the first time!!! I still have a chance. Yay.

journeycat912's picture

from what i gather they send u an email on the 21st of july if you get picked...hopefully i am right,anxiously waiting here too!!

JennLux923's picture

Any word on a meet & greet for Camden ?

Krazy4MJJ's picture

I think they are supposed to send emails on the 21st of this month.

jovi86's picture

Celebrating my birthday at this show!!!! Birthday, Blake Shelton and liquor.......WINNING!

Danielle017's picture

I wish they would tell us when the pre-sale is already. I check the website everyday just incase they go on sale. I don't want to miss this concert. I hope they go on sale soon.

Sweetamare's picture

I need these tickets like now!! Love me some Blake!

Jennifer Hughes's picture

when are these tickets going to be released to the public for purchase? I hope soon!!

BlkHd06's picture

Saw Blake with Brad a few years back...Great concert!

LaurenHanlon's picture

Any word on the pre-sale yet? I saw info for a pre-sale in NY yesterday. I definitely don't want to miss it!

Sdirussa's picture

I sooooo want to see Blake live....but CamdenNJ??? #veryscary #highestcrimerateinthenation Loos like its PNC for me!

journeycat912's picture

i have seen hundreds of concerts is not a bad area whatsoever,there is a highway that takes you right to the waterfront,you dont go thru the actual city of camden at all...but think you what you want and save the good seats for me ;)

Niccig101's picture

been to camden numerous times for country shows. never felt un-safe walking around. especially when there's a crowd of people walking with you. Even parked in a car garage before and still was totally fine walking back to it. there's usually cops everywhere

BlkHd06's picture

Any idea about when the presale will be?