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Burgettstown, PA


Burgettstown, PA
First Niagara Pavilion
August 02, 2013
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First Niagara Pavilion
Burgettstown, PA
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rongray75's picture

Today is the Day, Half-day of work and rest day drinking and watching BS

rongray75's picture

Can't wait until Friday!!!!

lindseymoore's picture

Can't wait for this concert. I'm one of the biggest Blake Shelton fans. I am still trying to figure out when the gates open. Does anyone know?

dkkieffer's picture

So excited taking my mom and my granddaughter and girls from out Mingo sportsman's club to see Blake!Yehaaw

Linwin12's picture

Was anyone able to get a meet and greet?

Linwin12's picture

did anyone get a meet and greet?

sasharhea's picture

Anyone get the Meet and Greet Email yet?????? Let me know when you do!!!

drdevault's picture

Can't wait for you to come to Pittsburgh, you are my absolute favorite singer. My husband says my attitude reminds him of Miranda,lol. See you in a couple weeks. Would be great to meet you .

drdevault's picture

Can't wait for your show. I have waited a long time for you to come to Pittsburgh, this is the first time I will see you in concert and it is the concert I have been waiting for. Can't wait 2 more weeks!!!!

TeriWeiserPhillips's picture

Can't wait to see you!!

kayjohnston's picture

Can't wait for your show we love your music

Jessi123's picture

Never had chance at a meet and greet ... sure hope we get chosen this time! We truly love your music and life story in general. Hope you enjoy Ohio, and have a safe trip to Pennsylvania!

shalergirl's picture

So excited to see you in Pittsburgh.

KarlaJean's picture

I Never liked country till you and Miranda Can't wait to see you ' Hope I win the meet and greet

jenncrash8907's picture

Super excited to see you in Pittsburgh! My boyfriend and i are attending for his birthday! Absolutely love the new album. See you in 31 days!!

sasharhea's picture

I can't wait until your concert!! <3 I will be like 8 Months pregnant but I will be there!! LOL~~

cbreier's picture

My daughter is Blake's biggest fan! We love you Blake! We can't wait to see you!

vicki buchna 123's picture

where is Burgettstown pa i live in oil city pa would love to come to the concert just do not know where your located

Kittylover10506's picture

how to get the backstage pass to see blake sheliton the meet and greet i pay for the tickets do it come with the deal anyone know please help we will love to meet him that will be so cool

frydayzchild's picture

Can't wait for the Pgh show. Son, soon to be daughter-in-law, myself, and all 3 grandkids will be there too. God bless you and Miranda. May you someday have a wonderful family that enjoys doing things togrther too!

dineen83's picture

Can't wait, 1st time seeing you in concert, but the added bonus is we will be celebrating our 29th wedding Anniversary with Blake Shelton.. Hell Ya !!!!

dthompsonjr's picture

Coming in from NY to see this one.. Bring on Summer!

CathyFoxWare's picture

Ok where's the presage link?

redtwinkle's picture

Can not wait to see you in Pittsburgh. Love the new song and bought the presale of the new album. Take care May you have continued success!!

nanci211's picture

Blake, anytime you are performing in Pittsburgh, I will be there!! I am so excited that you will be back in PA, and hope to see you backstage August 2!

Kittylover10506's picture

how do u get to meet him i got the ticket dose it cost more money to see him

dbittinger's picture

Can't wait to take my Grandaughter to see Blake... Her and I are BIG Blake fans. This will be our first concert and I am sure it will not be our last!! Can't wait until Aug.2........

GlendaBrooks's picture

My soon-to-be husband and I love taking his teenage kids to concerts! It is something we have always done together as a family...we are looking forward to seeing Blake for the 1st time. I'm hoping to get 2 meet-n-greet passes for the kids. I try to be a cool soon-to-be stepmom...Haha..God knows I need all the help I can get!

We are LOVING the newest song Sure Be Cool If You Did!! Can't wait for the release of the album...already preordered it!

KLAIBER41's picture

Can't wait to purchase the tickets

hayleedames's picture

I am so excited for this concert! I can not wait to see the man that I have idolized for years in person! I have been a Blake Shelton fan since I first heard Austin on the radio, and cannot wait to see him work it on that stage!