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Wichita, KS


Wichita, KS
INTRUST Bank Arena
October 05, 2013
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INTRUST Bank Arena
Wichita, KS
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twives's picture

I also signed up, but no word yet. I am going to stop by the Will Call window and see if they have anything about it. They had other concerts M&G waiting there.

tkwarrior416's picture

I signed up for M&G but still haven't received a email. :( Has anyone else got a confirmation for a M&G???

Abbers22's picture

I tried to sign up for meet and greets but it says it is closed...but it wasn't even open when it said it would...did anyone else get signed up?

ilovewriting's picture

I signed up! I haven't got an email though which probably means I didn't get chosen.. but it seems that everyone I talked to didn't get one?

ilovewriting's picture

Did anyone get a Meet and Greet confirmation yet? I signed up right when it was available and I think we should be notified today, right?

Daquino67211's picture

Im trying to sign up for meet and Greet but I don't get a link any idea why????

Kristi8404's picture

Any idea on this yet? Will they be available after a certain date?

ilovewriting's picture

The meet and greet sign up already took place. I didn't get an email,meaning I wasn't chosen this time, but it seems no one I talked to did. Maybe they're late? Or maybe I just didn't win!

davagaschler's picture

I get presale tickets all the time and this is actually one of the only times it has worked out with great seats! My daughter and I have been waiting for Blake to be in the area for so long which is a 3 hour drive for us. My daughter is a little disappointed that she will be 8 months pregnant but still refuses to give up her seat even if she is miserable!

ilovewriting's picture

Woo hoo!!!! SOOO excited for this concert!!!

OkieGirl98's picture

So excited! I always have awful luck with presales but this time got seats in F3 row B...freaking second row!! Now I just have to wait until October to see my hero in concert!

acole82's picture

I got my presale tickets the other day!! I had very good luck for a presale and got tickets 4 rows from the stage... I never have this good of luck and I'm very excited!!

Whois1145's picture

I never have good luck with presale. I end up waiting to day of and ALWAYS end up with great seats. This time 118 row a :) Not floor but who cares!

Purecountry199's picture

So I was on at 10am and right away said number of tickets not available and been that way for an hour. Worst presale I've experienced. Never had this much of a problem. Did anyone on here get tickets?

b-dub's picture

Got my tickets today and I will be there with my Wife.

NaeNae_25's picture

Floor seats....Dead center... Next to catwalk.... OMG BEST 30th bday present EVER!!!

Laura Hopkins's picture

Trying to buy "presale" tickets for Wichita concert and unavailable. Is this correct?

heather.clark's picture

Got my tickets!Going to be right next to you :)

melissam50's picture

When is the presale for the show in Wichita, KS?

afelzien's picture

Any word on presale?

ts09705's picture

Announcement went out today that tickets go on sale next Friday 6/21, but hoping to get my tickets through pre-sale. Can't wait to see Blake! He is so redneck and love it!! chew tobacco, chew tobacco....

susangt60's picture

So, Intrust Arena announced tickets go on sale next week! When will the BS'ers presale go on sale?????

jurny1's picture

any word on presale for fan club members yet?
They are giving tickets away on KAKE TV already :-(

jurny1's picture

I heard tickets were going on sale soon for the Wichita show.
Anybody heard when presale will be for BS'ers.?????

b-dub's picture

Blake cant wait to see you in Wichita baby! Hopefully I get a meet and greet. Good luck Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradbery on the Voice keep it going.

alrowlett's picture

Can't wait for this concert!!! It will be awesome!!!

devine7762's picture

please let me know when pre-sale tickets are!!!

kjolly15's picture

Anyone heard about pre-sale dates?

NaeNae_25's picture

Can someone who has actually got a Meet & Greet w/Blake please tell me about it? How many do they normally give out? How much do they cost? What is the actual encounter like? Besides super awesome! Thank you! :)

afelzien's picture

Our daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia on Dec 29th - she is doing great but one of her wishes was to see Blake in concert! Making this a girls night with her closest and most favorite family members! Going to be a night she won't forget!!