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Virginia Beach, VA


Virginia Beach, VA
Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach
July 19, 2013
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Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach, VA
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mattdog1995's picture

The concert was so fun! Still waiting for them to post the photos from the meet and greet!

hbucher's picture

I can't wait to see Blake Shelton for the 1st time tonight!! I wish I won a meet & greet, but hopefully I'll still get the chance to meet him without one - preferably at the bar over a drink :) I have never been more excited about a concert in my life! I love you, Blake!!

dragonfly209's picture

My girls and I are spending the evening partying with Blake while my husband (on his birthday) will be home drinking beers with my son-in-law.

Tnbprincess's picture

Hello my name is Nicole Brown. I am 17 years old and I am trying to get a Blake shelton meet and greet for his Virginia beach concert on July 19. Let me explain more. Blake is my mothers favorite singer. And. I bought her concert tickets for Mother's Day. All she wants is to meet him but I could not afford anything but lawn seats. I bought 2 lawn tickets for me and my mother to attend the concert but I would like to surprise her once we get there so that she can meet Blake. If there is any way this is possible please let me know! And if there is someone else I can contact to ask if you could give me their information that would be greatly appreciated. I know you probably get this a lot but I really need your help! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Thanks again,
Nicole Brown :)

Lisastretch's picture

I'm attending my first Blake Shelton concert and I can not wait! I would love to spend a day with him and Miranda just chillin' in the country! They are just so "normal", well I'm not sure about Blake but they are definitely down to earth!! <3

BeckySlaydon's picture

My kids gave me tickets for my birthday which is the 18th of July. Can't wait to see Blake. It's the greats present ever.

BeckySlaydon's picture

My daughter just gave me tickets for my birthday. Which is the day before the 18th. So excited to be going to see Blake. Its the best birthday gift ever.

Beth Fortner's picture

I wish I could take my husband to see the Va Beach concert! We are both HUGE Fans! But, mostly, I would really like for my husband to be able to go! In January 2011, he began having attacks and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It has been a hard transition for him and the family. He's a veteran and then had a tile business for almost 20 years. He spent a week in the hospital with no health insurance and we lost everything. Now he goes to the VA Medical Center. We always ignored his symptoms because he worked so hard! He had earned the aches and pains. He has since been diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS and has steadily progressed. Every day he is in pain. Every day he fights right on! I'm so proud of him and he deserves something nice. I feel like I fail him every day because I can't make ends meet financially. He was always the bread winner and I was the mom. In one day, that all changed. He can no longer work and for a man, that's a very hard pill to swallow. If anyone has an extra ticket and could get him in to see the concert I would be grateful! He's a good father, husband and best friend! We both admire Blake for not acting like he's something better than everyone else! He's a generous, down to earth, genuine person! He doesn't pull any punches and says exactly what he means. That's just how my husband is! lol If he wasn't famous, he and Miranda would be just the type people we would be friends with! We are so happy for Danielle to win the VOICE! She's an amazing young woman and very talented! She could easily be the next Carrie Underwood! The Swon Brothers are pretty great young men as well! We were routing for them too! Good Job Blake on your corn crops! Something worked:-)

804Nurse's picture

I am taking my 7 yr old daughter. It is going to be her first concert. She is more excited then me. lol

CountryGirl15's picture

30 days and 1 hour left until the Blake Shelton concert!!! So exstatic that Danielle Bradbery won from his team last night, I've been voting for her since the beginning of the show and what more could he ask for as that being an amazing birthday present!!! <3

VAgirl64's picture

is there suppose to a link to sign up for Meet and Greets? or am I SOL already?

Elle S6's picture

Where were the meet and greet opportunities?

Blairmarie03's picture

Anyone know what's going on w/ the sign-ups for Meet and Greets?

kdgteech's picture

The link for meet and greets is not coming up. It was supposed to be up at 10:00am CT today. Not there :(

teamshevine's picture

Why aren't meet and greet available yet?

hollster's picture

cant get meet and greet to open

nikki Everette's picture

Just bought my tickets!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! I can't wait for this show!!!!!!!!

Mfarr015's picture

When can we get the meet and greets for the show?

jmdupree57's picture

Help! How can I sign up for the Va. Beach meet and greet? Info says on the tour page, which I don't see, and the shows page doesn't have an option to sign up. Any help will be much appreciated. judi

jmdupree57's picture

anybody know how to sign up for the meet and greet? Help!

jmdupree57's picture

how do I sign up for the meet and greet? Will it be on the Shows page next to the event? Will a special box pop up?

brady2013's picture

I cant wait to go

ErinJames's picture

Can't wait for this! Any info on the presale yet?

ana72311's picture

Have you found any info out on a presale yet?

Melissa Long's picture

Can't wait for this show!

Tracij1's picture

Yes... is there a presale code for this show? Tickets go on sale Friday and to Citi members on Thursday. Please advise! :)

crystalnva1979's picture

where is the presale code for this show? The tickets go on sale to the public this Friday

Colesmom213's picture

Is there a presale code for this show?

VAgirl64's picture

am I missing something? Are tickets on sale for this show?

Jenne4's picture

Me and my boyfriend will be there!!! Cannot wait! First time seeing Blake! :) LOVE you as one of the judges on The Voice too!