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Tinley Park, IL


Tinley Park, IL
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
August 03, 2013
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First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Tinley Park, IL
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mikesully20's picture

Definitely top 2 performances I've ever seen, couldn't have been a better night. Does anyone know of a set list from this show floating around anywhere? I'd really like to know when he played what song.

melodyunderfire's picture

I,ve never heard either way about the meet n greet :(

blueheat's picture

How do you know if you have been granted a meet and greet

csidave05's picture

how do you find out if you won a meet/greet?

Ickypurplemoon3's picture

Is the meet & greet for timely over ? Or can you still get on waiting list ?

jcpc's picture

I cannot wait for this concert! I lucked out with front row center tickets and now a meet and greet! Woohoo!

Ame079's picture

Has anyone gotten a meet n greet email yet today?? I so want niece would be speachless if we get one.

Lauren9588's picture

I really hope I win the Meet and Greet. Anyone know when we should know by?

GregK's picture

Will be a fun time in to had by all in Tinley.... Would be great to win the meet and greet....Congrats to the 3 time Voice Champ!!!!

melodyunderfire's picture


crpsiharis's picture

I NEEEED to Meet and Greet this man!!!!!!!!

dbmom73's picture

When will these tickets go on sale? Anxiously waiting!

melodyunderfire's picture


krissy112188's picture

Will they have a presale?!? Is there a limit to how many tickets you get through presale?

boppgirl's picture

I want tickets

jessica_rotstein's picture

Anyone know when these tickets go on sale?!

jillholubetz's picture

Does anyone know when these tickets will go on sale?

jillholubetz's picture

Does anyone know when these tickets will go on sale?

JulieS85's picture

Hoping to get tickets - what is the date for presale?

marymac93's picture

Ahhh! Can't wait!!! [:

xmabaker's picture

i'm so excited to get tickets for this! i just saw miranda last night and blake was there but didn't sing! and it'll be for my birthday!

ChicaIris's picture

New to the Fan Club, New to enjoy Country Music and it is all BS's Fault :). Now I love it.. Surely I ll be there.

DizzyLizzy66's picture

can't wait!!!

Chris930's picture

I cannot wait for this show, when do the tickets go on sale?

boppgirl 36's picture

Can not wait to finally see my first ever Blake Shelton show so excited

likescountry114's picture

Hey Joy..can't believe you have never seen Blake!! It will be fun!! See you!!

Vlo000's picture

I'm so there!!!! And probably the Milwaukee one too!!

likescountry114's picture

I will be there God willing!!!