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St. Paul, MN


St. Paul, MN
Xcel Energy Center
September 12, 2013
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Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, MN
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Comments's picture

BEST show ever last night! :)

dvrasmussen's picture

Does anyone know when we can pick up our concert tickets that were purchased on presale? The only thing the site says is we can only pick them up the day of the concert. I'd rather not have to stand in line for ever right before the show.

dwj279's picture

37th wedding anniversary, Blake + Xcel = Memory of a lifetime! Looking forward to Thursday night in Saint Paul. One ol married SOB to another!

dmoulds's picture

See yea tomorrow - I didn't get an email so i guess I didn't get in to meet yea - what a bummer

Lizard's picture

I'm super bummed I didn't get the meet and greet! BUT, I'm so excited for the concert! Can't wait!

wpdr.mindy's picture

Did you get any emails? I haven't got a yes or a no email.

Joshmoe's picture

Mr. Shelton,

I am surprising my wife (and my best friend) with tickets to your concert this Thursday. She is a huge fan and has been asking why we didn't get tickets. If there is any way that I could also include an opportunity for her to meet you, it would blow her mind.

If not I completely understand and I know that she is going to love the show.

BTW, not sure if you play golf but I would love to invite you to play Hazeltine National Golf Club if you have the time.

armywife78's picture

Cant wait for Thursday. I am so excited to see Blake perform. I am bummed that I didn't get Meet n Greets. Maybe next time.

gnix40's picture

I am so excited to see Blake again. It will be the 3d time in 15 months. Saw him at Winstock last June; then with my daughter at the State Fair last August and now again with my daughter at the Xcel Energy center!!! Both of us are so excited to see him again. This time we have great seats. Just wish it would have been nice to get a MEET & GREET!! That would have been a great early b-day present for my daughter.

wpdr.mindy's picture

Have the Meet and Greets gone out yet for this show?

colleen51usfun's picture

Anyone heard anything about meet and greets yet for this show? Anxiously waiting

twkdewell's picture

Did anyone get notified of a meet & greet in St. paul yet?

tomsgirl1356's picture

Guess no meet and greet for the boyfriend and I but no worries we're still BEYOND EXCITED for the show!!

minnesotawendy's picture

Has anyone got a meet n greet today....I'm just wondering if there's sill a chance f winning one ???

minnesotawendy's picture

Has anyone got a meet and greet !!

kaylisparks's picture

So excited! Can't wait to see Blake again! It would be a great birthday to hear I get a meet and greet!

KBeenen's picture

WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU! So excited for the concert.

Swalsh's picture

I got these tickets as a surprise date for my girlfriend. I am planning on proposing to her on the night of the concert. A meet and greet would be the perfect icing on the cake! :) I can't wait!

boslund2's picture

Can't get anything done today, I am on standby for 10:00 to roll around!! Please, Please, Please let me get a meet and greet!!!

boslund2's picture

Getting super excited!!! Hope to get meet and greets!! 2013 has kind of sucked so far so I'm looking to turn that around!!!

marysville77's picture

So excited!!

SteveAvery's picture

Tickets and Hotel booked can't wait.

colleen51usfun's picture

I got tickets for me and my girlfriend and we are going to get meet and greets to. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait

colleen51usfun's picture

When do we get the notice of when and if we have the meet and greets or nots. St Paul concert is Sept 12th. Just curious any help would be appreciated thanks.

BettyB66's picture

Can't wait!!!!

Anne Basel's picture

I really don't know what I'm doing I just want to take family to concert for our 30th wedding anniversary and hubbies Bday. But nothg is working

meggerboo's picture

I missed out on two presales (couldn't get two tickets together) and the only seats left during the normal sale were nosebleeds with "obstructed views" so I ending up paying a ridiculous amount for two tickets (Floor Left, Row 19) from StubHub. But to see Blake (and Jana Kramer), I'm cool with it. Now it's just a matter of getting meet and greets!! (I'd probably pee my pants if I got to meet him!)

gnix40's picture

If I win a meet & greet to meet Blake, I would probably pee my pants also. My daughter would do the same because I am bringing her with me when & if I win a meet & greet!!!

SassyP's picture

I cannot WAIT!! :)

bdbudach's picture

Pretty jacked for this show and plus I am in row 6