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St. Louis, MO


St. Louis, MO
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
July 26, 2013
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Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
St. Louis, MO
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Cspires's picture

I am looking at meet and greet photos from the concert in St. Louis. I don't see us on there. Can you tell me where we can get this pics?
Christie Spires

aforeman's picture

Sure wish I had a meet and greet :( First time to see Blake in concert for me and my friend and we were dying to meet him!

Mandy5310's picture

I was hoping for a meet and greet but I never received any word. I have been a member since members were paying, but I have never received a meet and greet pass. I have meeting him on my "By 30 Bucket List" but I only have about a year and half's hoping.

MissKaybug's picture

Did anyone get a meet and greet for this show?

LaurieT68's picture

are they doing a meet & greet because I couldn't get info either when I bought my tix forever ago.

kcitalstal's picture

So much for trying to get a meet & greet today for the St. Louis, MO show .. I guess I should have been on here at 10A CST. Now it says Closed. Thanks for nothing !

MissKaybug's picture

Super eexexcexciexcitexcexcited!! It is getting closer.....

MissKaybug's picture

Has anyone heard about meet & greets??

Claire_Ward's picture

Has anyone gotten a confirmation on a meet and greet?

Hutchesc's picture

Does anyone know when the meet and greet sign up will become available?

robynw112's picture

It's past 10AM, meet and greet should be open for biz!!

Iscopeu's picture

why cant i click meet and greet if its 10

Gretchen5605's picture

when is the meet and greet gonna open?

predator42's picture

Why can't I seem to find the right place to register for meet and greets? Help please

GingerKayThompson's picture

How do you sign up for the Meet & Greet? I can't find it anywhere and we have to meet Blake!!! Please help!!

GingerKayThompson's picture

Is the Meet & Greet available for this concert? I can't find it!

ATHOMPSON820's picture


opaljosephine's picture

there's a presale code? how do we get that? when is the presale?

opaljosephine's picture

i was just making sure april 19 is the correct date because my husband and i are scheduled to go out of town that day. but if there's a way, i'll find myself in front of a coumputer sometime that day. all i want to do this summer is go to blake's and kenny's concert. all ready have my kenny tickets, just need my blake tickets.

brookerz122493's picture


opaljosephine's picture

how did find out that tickets go on sale friday? is there going to be a presale for fan club members?

brookerz122493's picture

I found out from my local radio station's facebook page. Don't know about presale.

opaljosephine's picture

which radio station?

tammybrowning's picture

Yes April 19. I am wondering if Blake's BS fans will get a chance to purchase prior to that? Seems like we should but it is less than a week away so not likely. Boohoo :(

tammybrowning's picture

I think everyone is wondering what is going on with this concert? Is he or is he not coming that day and if so when can we expect to be able to purchase tickets. It's weird I can /have tickets for a November concert but not for a July concert?

k8lnjo's picture

I heard on my local radio that the tickets will be going on sale a week from today.

Redbirdfun's picture

When does tickets go on sale??? Pre-sale????????

Courtney Main's picture

Have the tickets gone on sale yet?

stlman03's picture

Has anyone notice for the STL show that if you go to livenation to view the concert schedule, Blake's consert is no longer on the calendar! What happened Blake, please tell me you are still coming???

jschw444's picture

When is presale?