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Knoxville, TN


Knoxville, TN
Thompson-Boling Arena
September 27, 2013
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Thompson-Boling Arena
Knoxville, TN
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cat517's picture

Great concert in Knoxville tonight! It was the best concert I have ever been to and I have been to many. They knocked it out of the park. My daughter and I had a great time! Please tell Miranda to come to Knoxville soon! I would love to see her in concert. I just wish I could have been chosen for the meet and greet. Maybe next time.

Scarlett44's picture

Can I still get into the meet and greet for Knoxvillr with my sister in Knoxville. We are new members and love Blake so much! I mdirected his friends wedding in Nasville; Jamie Johnson of "The Grascals". Let me know if something can be left at box office! Thank you so much!

Garrett Strand's picture

Can I still get in on the meet and greet ?

Blward87's picture

Did anybody get an email about the meet & greet? I'm still waiting to hear back about the issue with the presell tickets! :(

Rivergirl79's picture

I have one extra ticket to Knoxville show row 15 on the floor reply if interested

gmshirley's picture

I want register for the meet and greet for Knoxville show. How can I do that?

cat517's picture

Have meet and greet emails gone out? I signed up immediately but guess I wasn't picked.

Tammyminkhatmaker's picture

Is it to late it sign up for the meet and greet BlakeSheldon

bethhart1967's picture

I have just registered for my chance at a meet and greet with Blake when I attend his concert on 9/27/13!!!!So excited!!!

kristy9442's picture

Cant wait for the concert will be my first time. 10th row from stage hope I get a meet n greet that would be great

AmandaJean87's picture

IM trying to get in on the meet and greet for koxville does anybody have any info???? they said it was today but theres no where to click! Please help:)

AmandaJean87's picture

Crossing my fingers I get a meet an greet!! Can't wait to sing every song at the concert! Love me some Blake!

carlywhitt's picture

Man oh man oh man, I can't wait. I may just wet myself I'm so excited.

rossinia's picture

FIFTH ROW!! YES!! Can't wait! Watch out Blake!

Volsgirl10's picture

This is my first time seeing Blake! I can't wait!! So happy with my tickets from the fan club! :)

MaryLouWhiteCarmon's picture

Can't wait this will be my first time seeing Blake.

RandallShular7's picture

Can't wait! This will be my second time seeing Blake. He does a great concert! Hopefully I can meet him!

RandallShular7's picture

I am SOOO excited! Can't wait!

sunnymcnew's picture

How do I sign up for meet and greet??

RandallShular7's picture

Can't wait! I'm on the 23rd row! Hopefully I can get a meet and greet

AmandaS's picture

So excited to be seeing him with my hubby in Knoxville for our 17th anniversary!

holiday815's picture

My daughter got us tickets to go for our anniversary......I am so excited, can't wait. Would love love love to have meet and greet tickets too.

gmshirley's picture

Can't wait to see do we sign up for the meet and greet?

karen2233's picture

Wanting to know when tickets go on sale for Knoxville?...can't wait

Sheltonfan15's picture

When do tickets go on sale For knoxville i want to take my best fend

richard lane's picture

taking my wife on our 2 year anniversary , BLAKE ROCKS !!!

jenanthony's picture

Yay! On my Birthday!! I'm there!!

mytnvols's picture

I cannot wait to go see Blake in Knoxville.

errn924's picture

Happy Birthday to Me....Thanks!

SharonParker's picture

When will these tickets go onsale?