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Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati, OH
Riverbend Music Center
July 28, 2013
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Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, OH
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ashdelp10's picture

Did anyone happen to get any footage of Blake calling the couple out from the Cincinnati Concert before singing "Who Are You When I"m Not Looking?"

jmdubs24's picture

does anybody know what time we can pick up tickets for tonights concert, from presale purchase

Br3-Mari3's picture

Oh My Gosh! sunday the 28 will be my first concert ever and i will see Blake Shelton:) he is my favorite singer of all time:) I got my tickets for a graduation gift and its awesome.

jmdubs24's picture

Hey does anybody know when we can pick up our tickets for the Blake concert this Sunday at Riverbend?

jmdubs24's picture

Hey does anybody know when we can pick up our presale tickets for the Blake concert this Sunday.

ourspace's picture

Anyone get Cincinnati Meet and Greet email? Trying to figure out if my daughter and I got one or did not get one.

ourspace's picture

Did anyone get a M&G for the Cincinnati show? I wish an email would be sent either way so that I knew for certain.

hot momma's picture

Hey I didnt know you could get advance notice of meet and greet is it tooo late, I WANT TO MEET HIM SOOO BADLY, SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE WHEN AND WHERE THE MEET AND GREET ARE? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Harleychic's picture

Didn't get a meet and greet :( But I will still love my 2nd row tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sciortino6288's picture

Meet and greet winners are supposed to be notified by end of business day today! Has anyone here heard anything??

kenaann82's picture

PLEASE pick me to meet you. It'd be a dream come true!!! I have 3rd row tickets thanks to presale!! :) :) :)

mrschalk77's picture

When are they going to open up the Meet & Greet sign up? It said 6/1 so I figured it would start today since this is the first business day but still no sign up. Anyone know what's going on????

Jennlynn108's picture

I'm trying all morning to sign up for meet and greets but the website still says coming.... Does anyone know how to do this????? Please help!!!

Casspat10's picture

It will be my first time seeing Blake in concert and I am so excited!! I got presale and am in 4th row of the "pit section." It's weird to me though that the pit section has actual seats. Oh well...can't wait until July 28th!!

Sandy5461's picture

I am a sad BSer Got no PRE SALE info and now it woin't let me Meet and Greet!! Lifer BS'er!!! :( I LOVE BLAKE SHELTON!!!! I really Wanna BE THERE!!!!!!

krazykate's picture

I got 5th row! Glad I didn't go to work early and got on Facebook....that's how I knew about it. No email or mobile alert..whats up with that??

sarah1981's picture

Just got my presale tix - THIRD ROW! So excited!!

jmdubs24's picture

Would love to see Blake outside at Riverbend crossing my fingers for a presale.

ay_taybay's picture

AHHHH! I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have been dying to go to BS concert, and now that he's coming to riverbend, I'm so STOKED! Ticketmaster said that the tickets go on sale April 19th. What about Pre-sale tickets? are there going to be any for the fan club members like myself, or no? The two other concerts I'm going to this summer, their fan club presale tickets were days before the general public sale this Friday. So maybe there is no presale tickets this year for the fan club? I'm hoping there is I want great seats! When I went to rascal I was all the way out in lawn and I'm 5'1 and couldn't see a thing! If there is presale it would have to be before Friday

Sciortino6288's picture

Is it really June 1st? I would think the pre-sale would be BEFORE the general sale this Friday??

debi218's picture

If you want really good seats wait until June 1st and order them thu the fan club.

krazykate's picture

It's not the fan club seats that are on sale, but a meet and greet that goes up on June 1st

debi218's picture

Tickets go on sale Friday.

peggysue0001's picture

ticketmaster says tickets go on sale friday april hoping we can get tickets earlier than that :) saw him last time he came and brought the gals from the VOICE....excellent show!

BettySturgeon's picture

This is what we have been waiting for!

takamine86's picture

IF anyone knows when tickets go on sale please post!

linslovesbs's picture

Really want to go to this! When are tickets on sale?

maddyfoggia's picture

what a way to spend your 23rd birthday! when do tickets go on sale!?

Doris5446's picture

I can't wait to see Blake.
When do tickets go on

stilesd's picture

Can't wait to see Blake! Will be my friends daughters first concert!!!