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Bethel, NY


Bethel, NY
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
August 11, 2013
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Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Bethel, NY
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moestewart@wildblue's picture

I am so excited about tomorrow. This is my first country music concert, Blake won me over on the voice and now I love his music! I wish I could have got the meet and greet as well but I was too late :O(

blakerocks's picture

Well I guess no M&G for me..:>(
Congrats to all that got one. Enjoy it

blakerocks's picture

Well, it is finally almost here. Seems like we have been waiting forever. For those that have never been to Bethel, you will love it!!! It is my favorite outdoor venue. They have done an amazing job with the grounds this year. Be prepared for traffic tho, as I think it is almost sold out.
Hope to get a chance to meet some of you at a M&G :>)Either way, we'll all have a good time

Andrea927's picture

Hey guys!!! So today is the day we all find out if we won the meet and greet!!! I'm checking my email like every 5 mins!! Has anyone found out yet?!!!!

CountryAtTheHeart's picture

i got lawn seats, not the best seats in the house but, I might be able to get a meet and greet.

Shake_N_Blake's picture

Just got tickets to the Bethel show for my Mom's birthday. She has no idea and is gonna pee herself when she finds out lol. She is the most amazing Mom and Grandma and to win a meet and greet would be so amazing for her <3

thelovelymissgray's picture

Just bought tickets for Bethel NY, cant wait!!! would love to get to meet him, anyone know of any contests to try and win a meet and greet?

VictorialovesBlake's picture

I bought my tickets yesterday and got pretty good seats! I'm soooo excited!! But we have to pick up our tickets at the place? I'm confused...

kimreynolds's picture

how come there wasn't an announcement that the show was going to have a presale? I missed a whole day and ended up with lousy seats. boo

Andrea927's picture

got my tickets here, through crowd surge and ive never used that before! they said i have to pick up the tickets at the box office the day of the show... is that how everyone does it? i hope this is legit!!! cant wait for this show! can someone please let me know if they got there tickets the same way? thanks :)'s picture

I got my tickets right off this site, back in like March? (Whenever pre-sale was)... Well, it brought me to crowd surge. Told me I have to get my tickets at the box office on the day of the show as well! I got good seats! I'm super uber excited!!! Cannot wait! If this isn't legit, there will be issues between me and crowd surge.... I just signed up for the meet and greet! FINGERS CROSSED! <3 Meeting Blake would just make my life complete. No joke.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one who has to get my tickets at the box office!


haley2577's picture

I hope it's legit, I was told the same thing :))

Jerusha77's picture

Yes, I have to pick up my tickets the day of the show at will call too.

thirstyk's picture

Unbelievably awesome seats for a presale!!!! See you in August!!!!!

Jerusha77's picture

Just got awesome seats for Bethel Woods! I am so excited!!!

JimHolcomb's picture

I have great seats also, 6th row. Hope to see you at the show.

Andrea927's picture

have you been here before?? im coming from Ma and got 11th row, is that good>!!??? im so excited too!!

Jerusha77's picture

Yes, I've been to Bethel many times. It is my favorite venue for concerts. 11th row are good seats. You will have a great time! :)'s picture

Cannot wait! I'm so excited for this show!I'd love to win a meet and greet with him!!!

Poisons863's picture

Can't wait to get my Bethel seats...lovin the new cd & Boys Round Here!!!!

ejdiamond69's picture

will there be presale tickets for this show?

harperr1's picture

When will tickets go on sale please. Wouldn't want to miss the chance of getting great seats since I'm driving hours to get to Bethel.

jeggleston's picture

When will the tickets be on sale? Can't wait to make my plans for the show!!!

Casper4d's picture

Finally your coming to Bethel Woods
!!!! Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!
..'s picture

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how much a meet and greet pass would be for this show? I'm determined to be there and would sure LOVE to meet mr. Blake Shelton :)

haley2577's picture

Being a BS'er we get pre sale for these tickets correct? But people who have the mega ticket have already gotten most of these front row seats, yes??

blakerocks's picture

the FC usually reserve a block of seats,,,,mega buyers normally get only certain sections available..Now front row might be gone to members, but fc should have good seats still

0115's picture

So excited to have you here in the Hudson Valley!!

xxcatie13's picture

Oh My God!!! I am so excited for this!!! It would be great if you would do a meet & greet here, I would love to meet you! You are seriously my favorite country artist EVER!!!

Countryfan.1963's picture

Hope to meet you at the greatest venue for the greatest Country Male Artist!!!!