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Watch The Official Music Video For "Boys 'Round Here"


Watch The Official Music Video For "Boys 'Round Here"
Posted by Team BS
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The official video for "Boys 'Round Here" is now available everywhere! This calls for a drink! 



Watch the video above, then sign up or login to The BS'ers page to watch a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of "Boys 'Round Here":

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on 5.6.13 - 12pm

The official video for "Boys 'Round Here" is now available everywhere! This calls for a drink! 



Watch the video above, then sign up or login to The BS'ers page to watch a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of "Boys 'Round Here":

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Shenoah's picture

How AMAZING it would be to hang out with him & Miranda at a down right Country party. Nothing like a big chevy truck, ice cold beer, and a dirt road/field. BEAUTIFUL truck in the video. I want one!!! LOVE YOU BLAKE SHELTON!!

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Cynthia8888's picture

The video you did was is great

Akiss2give's picture

Love it. When is the song "Girls around here" coming out.

sonyalynnpotts's picture

Best one since Some Beach :)

maryhallock's picture

Everyone should live by this song ! DON'T Change BLAKE ! LUV YA !

meesh7's picture

Awesome job Blake...u rock!

verab's picture

Over the years I have gone back and forth to country music. Becoming a fan of Blake and his music has defintely made me a fan of COUNTRY. I now watch all the country music shows I can find and have been exposed to many new country artist. I have gone to several concerts and can not wait for Blake to be in Wichita Ks this Oct. I hope he sings a favorite of my "THE BABY"......Vera Burton

RockCity4Blake's picture

Von Jovi will be in da rock in October,I hope BS will make it a point too be in da Rock
live singing in Concert also same date,time.Nothing like being down here,living it up
kicking dim boots off rum ming it up.Just ride on down too the "Rock" Rock city
see ya soon.y'all come on down now.dubby dub dub.we're all down here

RockCity4Blake's picture

Loving that music,ya know down south in da Rock We can't get enough of BS
We're rocking 4 BS. "Come on down" Bring the fans,family,the whole kaboot.
We're all one big happy family in da rock of Rock city.

catsmommy5's picture

Awesome song and video. I have the CD and it's great. Love it.

Viviana Miller's picture

I like the little pig I think he's cute.

MonaLisaE4171's picture

Terrific as always! Blake always makes it where anyone can relate!

barrettam's picture

Awesome video!!!

Bigdohl's picture

I have seen the video on CMT, and other shows that feature videos. It ROCKS!! Keep up the awesome work. Go team Blake on the Voice!

Karla1965's picture

Mine and my granddaughters favorite song u go Blake Shelton

RoxanneS's picture

Love it and also love that Miranda is in it!

spadelips's picture

This was a great video!

CLouiseLee's picture

The biggest, and brightest country has to offer right NOW!!! I'm happy for Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert!
May they reign over COUNTRY, forever <3!!!!
Chew tobacco SPIT!,
Cheryl Lee

arabgirl's picture

love it, love it, love it, Thank you :)

AllieBee's picture

Awesome! Put a smile on my face, you look and remind me of my son who died when he was 26; he loved music and was an aspiring singer. I'll send a pic sometime! GREAT VIDEO!

elunger1's picture

Awesome Video and song Blake you have a #1 fan here!!
Miranda is a great artist also!

FrancenaM's picture

The chicken with the "bling" on is great.

todd713's picture

Fantastic as always. Can't wait to hear it live

cayus's picture

Please come to Germany :) !!!!!

casjwright's picture

Love the video!!! Can't wait to see you in St Louis in July! I record the voice every week and have watched it since the show began! It's awesome to see how caring Blake is with the contestants. Although I've never met Blake or Miranda, I can tell they're down to earth genuine and caring individuals. It's wonderful what you're doing for Oklahoma. God Bless the families who lost everything and loved ones.

Ches's picture

Great that was awesome and cant wait to tell everyone i saw it. ps. me and my bestfriend were sitting in class today and were writhing a note and all it said was the lyrics to this song we kept saying them back and forth and then got it taken away and the teacher read it. he said if we like the song that much to just sing it to eachother so later we played it and sang along:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!

countryqueen1984heather's picture

love love love it!!!! you even had that girl from last seasons the voice in it and your beautiful wife! and you look amazing as always!! <3 your music!!!!

gailwahlfeldt's picture

Awesome!!! One of your coolest videos yet!:)
Blake you never let your fans down!!!Can not
wait for your next one:)

ellchart's picture

Don't take no LIP? Ah, chew tobacco.....