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Team Blake Performs "White Christmas"


Team Blake Performs "White Christmas"
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Watch Blake and his Season 3 The Voice team sing the classic carol, "White Christmas."

Download Cheers, it's Christmas now:

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on 12.11.12 - 2pm

Watch Blake and his Season 3 The Voice team sing the classic carol, "White Christmas."

Download Cheers, it's Christmas now:


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Christians voiced their opinion about Christmas- 25% don't think they should celebrate it: Visit-

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I love your Talented Voice Blake Shelton! You have an amazing gift like no other singer has! You put a smile on my face to be able to hear you sing! I have been listening to your music all day today! And today i decided to put on your Christmas album on my computer, To try and help me get back into the Christmas spirit! I havent been in the Christmas spirit lately, due to being financially broke, and my mom almost died :( i was scared i lost her and she is the closest person to me! i dont know what i would do with out my mom! i am thankfull she still here! we really enjoyed watching you and your team on the voice together! and were super happy your team Blake won again! and were happy Cassadee won! i do admit i had more of a heart spot for Terry though, but i know Terry will have a big career and im waiting for his cd to come out! your the best coach that the voice has got out there! keep doing your great work! all i have asked for this Christmas, is for any of your c.d.s since i dont have any :( because your music makes me happy and smile! i love country music, and your the best country artist out there! I would really love to see you sing in person and meet you though, but i dont think you will be coming to Vancouver British Columbia,Canada any time to perform, will you?
All i would like is you to continue your great work, and keep up your great talent, and ill keep supporting your great music career! you are amazing! multi talented, great teacher to helping others discover their vocal abilities, hilarious comedian, great role model young ones can look up to! and an amazing husband,and your a great inspiration that we can look up to! love ya!
keep up the great work! and keep the country music rolling!
Love your Canadian Country fan, Yorgia

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Again, loved this performance! Blake, you have a beautiful voice and I just loved hearing it! xxxx oooo God has given you a very precious gift(s). Yes, you're multi-talented and I love you for being you!! If people call you inappropriate remind them that you are never boring. You go for it! Live the life God gave you and always live it fully; generously!You have the biggest heart! Thank you for all the love! xxxx ooo

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I love Blake Shelton. Saw him sing White Christmas! Wish I could see him in person. My brother and mom had "The Baby" he sang close to their hearts. My mom passed away and my brother was in TN, my mom in Louisiana. We could not keep her alive for him to see her, the drive was too long for him. So he could not say goodbye! That song will forever be my favorite!
I love Blake Shelton!