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"OVER" World Premiere!


"OVER" World Premiere!
Posted by Team BS_2
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The wait is "OVER!" Watch the world premiere now on

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on 6.15.12 - 10am

The wait is "OVER!" Watch the world premiere now on


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I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE this video and song. One of the best Blake has done . "OVER is #2 today on Mediabase today, Here comes #1..

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Great video!


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Great video!


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World Premiere MY ASS!!!!!
Is Australia not part off the world????!!!!

"Sorry, we are unable to offer this video to users in your region".

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The Video was Wonderful, It fits the song well It. I hope it goes to number one.LOVED IT!

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Any Video you do is Awesome! Love it!!!

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You done good ...... love it

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OMG!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

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I love the new video and the documentary behind the video. Blake is always worth the wait. He keeps getting sexier and sexier.

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Love this video of course, there is not one I haven't liked yet.. :-)

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What I like about Blake all his songs have meaning even when they are funny ones they all have something to say! And is voice is so warm and he's so funny!

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We have waited so long and it was worth the wait. The video is fantastic and Blake is fantastic. I think this is the best video he has ever done. I can't stop replaying it. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the video and Blake.!!!!!!